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January 2, 2023

10 Best Coffee Mug Holders in 2023 - Stands and Wall Racks

If you live in a household full of coffee lovers, you probably have a ton of mugs competing for space with the other items in your kitchen cabinet. While safely stowing away your mugs have its advantages, there’s got to be a better way to retrieve that “Best Dad Ever!” mug without mistakenly knocking over the “Super Mum!” one, right? Well, there is! This article reveals the best coffee mug holders available right now. Also, you’ll want to stick around for a selection of wall-mounted coffee mug racks, coffee mug tree holders, coffee mug stands, and more.

Dan Doughty
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If you live in a household full of coffee lovers, you probably have a ton of mugs competing for space with the other items in your kitchen cabinet. 

Choose the Best Coffee Mug Holder Among These 10 Options

Below, we’ve listed the best coffee mug holders in 2022. The ten products on our list are categorized into mug trees, under cabinet holders, and wall mounts. 

Here’s a list of our top coffee mug trees on the market:

Coffee Mug Trees

1. Spectrum Diversified Euro Large 8-Mug Holder - Best Overall

Spectrum Diversified Euro Large 8-Mug Holder.

The Spectrum Diversified Euro Large 8-Mug Holder is our favorite of all the coffee mug trees we reviewed. This coffee mug tree holder combines aesthetics and functionality in a seamless product, thanks to its excellent build quality and high mug capacity.

This mug holder has a sturdy alloy steel frame, making it incredibly strong. Speaking of its rungs, their upward curve and evenly-spaced placement mean you can hang your mugs easily. And all you need to clean it is a damp cloth and a dry rag or towel.

However, if we had one complaint, it’d be the Spectrum Diversified Mug Holder’s lack of a rotating base. Also, even though the holder’s alloy steel frame makes it harder than its wooden-framed counterparts, this isn’t a mug holder you’d want to plop wet mugs on, as it’s not rust-proof. 

Still, we highly recommend the Spectrum Diversified mug holder stand for your kitchen countertop. It’s pretty, will save you a ton of space, and provides access to your mugs when it’s coffee time. What more could you ask for?

2. Aprilye Wooden Mug Holders Tree - Most Minimalist Design

Aprilye Wooden Mug Holders tree.

For some, a product’s functionality is all that matters. If that’s you, then you might appreciate the ultra-minimalist aesthetics of the Aprilye Wooden Mug Holders Tree. Aprilye manufactures this product with rubber wood, a nondescript wood type that, while lacking in visual flair, gives the holder a feeling of practicality.

This coffee cup holder stand does one thing and does it well: it holds coffee cups. And you can tell by how thick its pegs are that it can hold some pretty large coffee cups. 

Moreover, assembling it is straightforward: simply screw the pegs into the stick, attach the stick to the base, and you’re done. And it’s just as easy to disassemble this mug holder, making it highly transportable.

Aprilye’s mug holder also excels in the sturdiness department, which is surprising given the wood used to build it is on the less costly side of material costs. Once assembled, it won’t wobble and put your mugs at risk of shattering. And, thanks to its smooth finish, you don’t have to worry about picking up splinters when interacting with it.

Unfortunately, the Aprilye holder’s minimalism translates to a modest six-mug-holding capacity, so you’ll have to look elsewhere if you need a product that can hold more.

3. MyLifeUNIT Mug Holder Tree - Easiest to Assemble

MyLifeUnit Mug Holder Tree.

If you want a wooden coffee mug holder stand that’ll look good while giving your kitchen a facelift, then the MyLifeUnit Mug Holder Tree might be what the chef ordered. The MyLifeUnit’s easy-to-assemble solid wood construction makes it the best coffee mug tree made of wood.

We really love how easy it is to put the MyLifeUnit together. You can assemble this mug holder tree in minutes. Better still, you don’t need to hunt for your toolbox, as everything you need to assemble it comes included in the box. And when you’re done, it looks good and feels sturdy. It also helps that MyLifeUnit’s “branches” are angled diagonally. 

On the minus side of things, this coffee mug tree’s bottom-most rungs are a little too low. Also, other holders have more robust capacities, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you might not be impressed by its modest six-rung capacity.

Nevertheless, the MyLifeUnit Mug Holder Tree is an excellent space-saver with the looks to boot. Also, its design is so classic that you can use it to hang other items like food (doughnuts and pretzels) or hangable kitchen utensils.

Under Cabinet Coffee Mug Hanger

If you’d rather display your coffee mugs without taking up any counter space, then check out one of our top under-cabinet coffee mug hangers below:

4. FOMANSH Under Cabinet Coffee Cup Holder - Best Overall

FOMANSH Under Cabinet Coffee Cup Holder.

The FOMANSH Under Cabinet Coffee Cup Holder is our favorite product in this category. From the high-quality iron used for the hooks to its minimal clutter design, many features make this mug holder the best overall.

Let’s start with its design: you get three racks that hold four hooks each (twelve overall), and that’s it! You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more minimalist mug holder that won’t clutter your kitchen. Additionally, the mug racks have a rustic feel that enhances their appeal.

The next feature that makes the FOMANSH holder such an excellent product is its iron hooks: incredibly sturdy and rust-proof, so they won’t be bending out of shape anytime soon. Also, they can hold everything from coffee mugs to dishcloths to pots and pans, making this mug holder a jack-of-all-trades. 

If there were one thing we’d improve on this mug holder, it’d be the distance between the hooks on each rack. With a little more space between them, they’d be able to hold much larger mugs. Otherwise, we can’t recommend it enough.

5. Kadell Mug Holder - Easiest to Install

Kadell Mug Holder.

Sometimes you want a product that’s plug and play or as close to that as possible. This characteristic makes the Kadell Mug Holder ideal for people who don’t want to spend thirty minutes on DIY assembly. It’s by far the most straightforward under-cabinet mug holder to install. 

The Kadell mug holder features a hanging arm design that lets you slip it over the underside of a shelf. Once that’s done, you can screw it into place with the fixings it comes with, and, in less than the time it takes to brew a cup of coffee, you’re done! Moreover, if storing mugs under the cabinet isn’t your thing, you can use it inside the cabinet too.

Kadell’s holder comes with ten coffee mug hooks. Also, it features a high-quality, all silver, stainless build that makes it sturdy and easy to clean. And its frame has a coating that makes it rust-resistant.

Unfortunately, this coffee mug holder has a massive problem with greasiness. We think it’s because of its silver finish, which picks up grime and sweat from slick fingers. In other words, expect to clean it a lot.

6. TANGGU Coffee Mug Holder - Safest Under Cabinet Mug Holder

TANGGU Coffee Mug Holder.

The TANGGU Coffee Mug Holder is the safest under-cabinet option for two reasons: its well-spaced hooks and rubber sleeves. While the rubber sleeves on each of its ten hooks prevent them from scratching users, the spacing between them is pretty generous, meaning you won’t mistakenly knock one mug off when reaching for another.

This under-cabinet mug holder is built to last, featuring two extremely durable metal racks. Also, each rack holds five hooks for a ten-mug capacity. The hooks can bear high loads, making this under-cabinet holder very versatile. You can hang almost anything (within reason) on them, including kitchen utensils, handbags, and scarves.

In addition, you shouldn’t face too many issues when installing this mug holder. The coffee cup hooks fit snugly in the racks once screwed in, and the racks themselves fit nicely underneath a kitchen cabinet.

With all that said, what’s the main drawback of TANGGU’s coffee mug holder? It isn’t the prettiest holder to look at. Admittedly, “prettiness” shouldn’t be a make or break factor when choosing a coffee mug holder, but better-looking ones are available. Unfortunately, the bronze used to make it gives this mug holder a dreary look.

Wall-Mount Coffee Mug Rack

Do you have a blank section of the kitchen wall you’ve been thinking of decorating? Kill two birds with one stone by populating it with one of the wall-mounted coffee mug holders below:

7. Sorbus 6-Tier Wall Mounted Mug Rack - Best Overall

Sorbus 6-Tier Wall Mounted Mug Rack.

The Sorbus 6-Tier Wall Mounted Mug Rack is an excellent wall-mounted mug holder that oozes style, decluttering the kitchen thanks to a six-tier design. These qualities make it our top pick among mug holders in the wall-mount category.

In addition, it’s highly versatile, doubling as a drying rack, dish cloth holder, and drinking glass holder. It also helps that you can easily mount it on your kitchen wall, a task facilitated by its keyhole-style mounting brackets.

This wall-mounted coffee cup holder has a capacity for twenty-seven mugs, and its sturdy iron build (with its black, coated finish) makes this an unmissable mug holder if you want something that’ll last for years. 

Our only criticism about Sorbus’s mug holder is that it may be too big. This wall-mount will feel right at home in an industrial or restaurant kitchen, but, unfortunately, it’ll make smaller ones feel cluttered.

8. SumaqIndustries Corner Coffee Shelf - Highest Quality

SumaqIndustries Corner Coffee Shelf.

If you want to bring warmth into your kitchen with a coffee mug shelf, then the SumaqIndustries Corner Coffee Shelf might interest you. SumaqIndustries engineered their product using the finest wood, making it the highest quality entry in this category.

This coffee shelf features ebony wood coated twice with a protective lacquer finish that gives it a distinctly rustic look while making it easy to clean. It feels smooth to the touch and looks just as good too.

Regarding the shelf’s capacity, it comes with six hooks for hanging your mugs and enough space to place fifty pounds worth of decor, drinking glasses, and so on. With this shelf, you can reduce clutter while filling up a small corner of the wall.

Unfortunately, if you’re looking for an affordable mug holder, you’ll have to look elsewhere. SumaqIndustries’ product is one of the pricier entries in its category. 

9. OROPY Rustic Coffee Mug Rack - Nicest-Looking Coffee Mug Rack

OROPY Rustic Coffee Mug Rack.

Want a great-looking wooden coffee mug holder to bless your kitchen with a rustic aesthetic? Then you might want to take a gander at the OROPY Rustic Coffee Mug Rack. This beauty of a mug holder features dark stained wood that gives off vibes of country life. When paired with a modern kitchen, the resulting contrast looks absolutely stunning.

However, looks aren’t the only thing the OROPY mug rack has going for it: despite its wooden build, it’s as sturdy as they come. We attribute its solidity to the heavy use of birchwood when putting it together, and the fact that it’s handcrafted adds to its rugged charm.

In addition to twelve coffee cup hanging hooks, the OROPY mug rack has a shelf at the top where you can store coffee-related condiments or even more mugs! So it’ll save you space while making your kitchen look good.

Unfortunately, the mug rack hooks are a tad smaller than you’d expect, which makes hanging larger mugs more difficult than you’d like. Still, the OROPY coffee mug holder is quite the charmer.

10. Rebrilliant 36-Peg Mug Rack - Highest Capacity

Rebrilliant 36-Peg Mug Rack

If capacity is high on your list of priorities, then the Rebrilliant 36-Peg Mug Rack will meet your needs. As its name suggests, this wall coffee cup holder features 36 pegs to hang your coffee mugs by the handle, making it the product with the highest capacity.

Capacity aside, Rebrilliant’s mug holder is no slouch in the build quality and aesthetics department. This sturdy and stylish mug holder features a steel frame with a black finish that looks good in almost any kitchen style (e.g., French country, modern, or farmhouse). 

Moreover, the Rebrilliant mug rack is pretty versatile. In addition to using it to organize your coffee mugs, you can hold other items like plastic plants, holiday-themed decor, and decorative signs. Also, the pegs are well-spaced, meaning you can hang larger mugs on them without any issues.

Our only complaint about this coffee mug rack is its complicated assembly. Unlike other mug holders on this list, assembling this one requires you to break out the toolbox. Of course, given its metallic frame, assembly with a power tool or two is to be expected. However, the less DIY-inclined customer will find it a minor peeve.

Coffee Mug Buyer’s Guide

Coffee mug holders are an excellent space-saving option for households with more than a handful of mugs. They’re a neat alternative to stowing away your mugs in a kitchen cabinet, freeing up the space for other items while serving their primary storage function.

In addition to their practical use, coffee mug holders lend kitchens an aesthetic appeal without adding to the clutter. Options like wall-mounted coffee mug racks and coffee mug tree holders can easily blend into the kitchen surroundings, giving you convenient access to your favorite mug when it’s time for your daily cup of joe.

In the next section, we’ll briefly discuss the factors to consider when choosing a coffee mug holder for your kitchen.

What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Mug Holder

Keep the following considerations in mind when choosing a mug holder:

  • Material: Manufacturers typically make coffee mug holders with wood or metal. If you want a sturdy coffee mug holder, go with metal. However, choose a wooden one if you want the holder to match your kitchen’s aesthetics.

  • Capacity: Depending on the number of mugs being used in the kitchen, you’ll want a coffee cup holder with a reasonable capacity. You can purchase a countertop coffee mug tree stand that can hold up to ten mugs at a time.

  • Style: Coffee mug holders generally come in four styles - carousels, trees, wall-mounted racks, or shelves with hooks. Choose what best suits your needs. 

How Do You Display Coffee Mugs in a Cabinet?

If you have a cabinet with glass windows, you can display coffee mugs in them using purpose-built coffee mug holders. You can attach mug holders with hooks to the edge of the cabinet shelf and hang your coffee mugs on the hooks.

If you’re renting the property, you can get around drilling holes into the cabinet for the screws that’ll secure the mug holder in place by using command strips. Placing a set of the strips between the cabinet shelf and the mug holder should get the job done.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it: our round-up of the best coffee mug holder 2022 offers. We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed making this list. We also provide tips on starting a coffee dropshipping business and how to sell coffee online, so check these out if interested.

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