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January 19, 2023

195 Attitude Captions for Instagram: Quotes to Show Your Fire 2023

Are you wondering about how to get noticed on social media? Showing attitude (at the right time) is a great way to get likes. ❤️ Get some ideas with our list of the best 195 attitude captions for Instagram. Find the best attitude captions for Instagram, smile attitude captions for Instagram, attitude Captions for Girls, and Bad Boy Attitude Captions For Instagram.

Joana Regulacion
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Are you wondering about how to get noticed on social media? Showing attitude (at the right time) is a great way to get likes. ❤️ Get some ideas with our list of the best 195 attitude captions for Instagram.

Picking an Attitude Caption for Your IG Posts

How do you know if your attitude caption has “enough attitude” to get you noticed? Well, to help you out, I spent hours looking up the most like-worthy attitude caption for Instagram today.

Did you know that Instagram has at least 1.452 billion users worldwide? This just shows us how much it makes sense to make an effort in your IG posts. You don’t want to just fall through the cracks, right?

Attitude Captions for Instagram

You may be showing attitude because of a number of things. It could be because of someone ruffling your feathers, or you just want to show off your confidence.

Cool Attitude Captions about Being Original

Your best version is the REAL you! Here are a few captions that will go perfectly with your originality:

1. “Looking for something original? I’m the most authentic —as far as originals go.”

2. “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?

3. "If you simply be yourself, you can be anything."

4. “When the entire world attempts to imitate you, you know you're damn original.” 

Attitude Captions For Instagram Showing confidence

Your biggest fan is yourself. Show everyone your worth with these hot Instagram captions to show off your oozing confidence.

1. “A good-ass person; a bad-ass attitude.” 

3. “Aging like fine wine.” 

4. “All eyes on the biggest fight in history: Me vs. Me! Because my only competition is myself.” 

5. “Always hungry for success.” 

6. “Of course I talk to myself. Sometimes, I need expert advice.” 

7. “Be a voice, not an echo.” 

8. “Be good, do good, look good.” 

9. “Be obsessed with your own potential.” 

10. “Too busy to be upset.” 

11. “My attitude is the kind of virus you wanna catch.” 

12. “Be you. The world will adjust.” 

13. “Cool head, warm heart.” 

14. “My life. My rules. My attitude.” 

15. “My spirit can even annoy demons.” 

16. “Focus not on winners, but on winning.” 

17. “Follow me - that is, if you enjoy being second.” 

18. “Good is not good enough. I deserve more and that’s greatness.” 

19. “How could there be any competition? No one else is capable of becoming me!” 

20. “What if I fall? Oh, darling, what if you fly?” 

21. “I am my own boss.” 

22. “I am unapologetically myself.” 

23. “No explanation needed. I know I’m right.” 

24. “I didn’t change…I just found myself.” 

25. “Never busy but always productive.” 

26. “Smile, it confuses people.” 

27. “Starve your distractions, feed your focus.” 

28. “I don’t sweat. I sparkle!” 

29. “I eat rejections for breakfast!” 

30. “Simple human, complicated mind.” 

31. “Why chase anyone when I’m the catch?” 

32. “Practice like you’ve never won. Perform like you’ve never lost.” 

33. “I’m a vibe you can’t just find anywhere.” 

34. “I’m aware that I’m rare.” 

35. “I’m gonna make myself proud!” 

36. “I’m making yesterday jealous by making today awesome!” 

37. “I’m not ignoring you. I’m busy building my empire.” 

38. “On the way to Crazy Town! Who wants to come with me?” 

39. “Screw it, let's do it!” 

40. “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?” 

41. “If you can’t convince them…confuse them.” 

42. “Life is tough? Well, so am I.” 

43. “Why follow all the rules? You’ll miss all the fun!” 

44. “Next stop: The top!” 

45. “Impossible is not in my dictionary.” 

46. “It’s me, myself, and I.” 

47. “It’s not being selfish. I call it self-love.” 

48. “It’s the will, not the skill.” 

49. “Just be yourself and you can be anything.” 

50. “Kindness is so gangster.” 

51. “Where’s my Oscar award? You know, for acting like I care?” 
attitude caption “Where’s my Oscar award? You know, for acting like I care?” 

52. “The brain is such an awesome thing. I wish everyone had it.” 

53. “Underestimate me. That’ll be fun.” 

54. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” 

55. “Learn to do things alone.” 

56. “Your attitude is like a price tag. It shows how valuable you are.” 

57. “They only talk about you because no one will listen if they talk about themselves.” 

58. “No alarm clock needed. My passion wakes me up.” 

Attitude Captions to “Burn” Someone 🔥

Your confidence and greatness can ruffle other peoples feathers without you doing it on purpose. Here are some feisty attitude quotes to clap back at your haters!

It doesn’t even have to be a long one. Take a look at our first caption.

1. “Try me.” 

2. “Access to my energy - is a privilege.” 

3. “Wanna know if you’re bad enough? It’s if people can no longer ignore you.” 

4. “Be sure that you’re perfect before you judge me.” 

5. “So you think you have an attitude that’ll hurt me? Watch out ‘cuz mine kills.” 

6. “Don’t be ashamed of who you are. That’s your parent’s job.” 

7. “Don’t confuse my personality & my attitude. My personality is who I am. But my attitude? That depends on YOU.” 

8. “Don’t study me. You won’t graduate.” 

9. “Don’t try me. My bad side ain’t pleasant.” 

10. “Excellence is not a skill, It is an attitude.” 

11. “Go to hell? Where do you think I came from?” 

12. “Here, hold my morals. I’ve got some shady sh*t to take care of.” 

13. “The only time you should check on me is when you’ve got a check for me.” 

14. “Pleasing 1 person per day is my limit. Today isn’t your day. Tomorrow doesn’t look good either.” 

15. “ Sincerely, I don’t give a sh*t.” 

16. “I don’t have an attitude problem. It’s just that my attitude bothers you. Well, that’s not my problem.” 

17. “No need to explain myself…I know I’m right!” 

18. “I haven’t changed. I grew up. Try it sometime.” 

19. “I hope Karma slaps you in the face before I do.” 

20. “I know I am awesome, I don’t care about your opinion.” 

21. “I love the sound of people shutting their mouths.” 

22. “I really don’t give a sh*t what you think about me. Unless you think I’m awesome. In that case – you’re totally right. Carry on!” 

23. “I don’t wanna have a battle of wits with someone unarmed.” 

Are you having fun with our captions so far? Some of these are rude attitude captions —but to those who deserve it!

Here's another one, respectfully...

24. “I respectfully don’t care.” 

25. “I see you don’t like me. You probably have bad taste.” 

26. “I tried to be like you…unfortunately, my personality just didn’t like it.” 

27. “The difference vs. pizza & your opinion: I asked for pizza.” 

28. “You don’t like me? That’s fine, it’s not like I got out of bed just to impress you.” 

29. “You don’t like my attitude? Well, it doesn’t like you either.” 

30. “I’m awesome! Your opinion doesn’t matter.” 

31. “I’m not angry you told my friends I’m a psycho. They’re my friends, of course they know!” 

32. “I’m not mean, I’m just brutally honest. Truth hurts —here’s a band-aid.” 

33. “It is not my responsibility to make sure you understand what I say.”

34. “I’m really not cranky. I just have a violent reaction when I meet someone stupid.” 

35. “I’m sorry. I just realized you don’t understand my level of thinking.” 

36. “The version of me you have in your mind is not my responsibility.” 

37. “If I agreed with you we’d both be wrong.”

38. “If you like me, raise your hand. If you don’t, raise your standards.” 

39. “If you listen really close…you can hear me not caring.” 

40. “Some people just need a High-5…a big one, on the cheek.” 

41. “You need to control your stupidity if you want me to control my temper.” 

42. “Sorry, I’m allergic to basic b*tches.” 

43. “Wanna test my waters? Better know how to swim.” 

44. “It’s not that I don’t like you. I’m just saying that if you were aflame and I had a glass of water, I’d drink it in one gulp.” 

45. “Judge me. I’ll prove you wrong.” 

46. “Judge me when you’re perfect.” 

47. “Kinda care, kinda don’t.” 

48. “Look how the word awesome ends with me. On the other hand, UGLY starts with u.” 

49. “My attitude is taller than YOU.” 

50. “My middle finger salutes your attitude.” 

67. “The rebel in me will never die.” 

52. “My success is a revenge on my enemies.” 

53. “Those who like me…raise your hands! Those who don’t like me…oh well, raise your STANDARDS.” 

54. “Never argue with idiots. You don’t wanna be dragged to their level.” 

55. “Never underestimate me. I am more than you think.” 

56. “No, I checked the receipt. I didn’t buy any of your bullsh*t.” 

57. “I'm not violent. Just feeling like I could be creative with dangerous weapons."

58. “Oh darling, go buy a brain.” 

59. “When life gives you lemons, squeeze ‘em in your haters’ eyes.” 

60. “Egotistical people with an unnecessary attitude: YOU deserve nothing less than a standing ovation…of my tallest finger.” 

61. “Please don’t interrupt me. Don’t you see I’m ignoring you?” 

62. “Rain on my parade. I'm gonna poke your eyes with my umbrella.” 

63. “The best clapback when dealing with an idiot? SILENCE.” 

Attitude Instagram Captions for Girls

Who run the world? GIRLS! Everyday is a day to slay and every road can be your runway.

Here are some attitude captions for Instagram to match your hot selfie today.

1. “Someone hates you for no reason? Go and give them one!” 

2. “This girl is on fire!” 

3. “Be careful outside. It’s raining shady bitches everywhere.” 

4. “Be like a butterfly. Always beautiful but hard to catch.” 

5. “Be you, do you, for you.” 

6. “Chin up princess! Don’t let the crown slip.” 

7. “Don’t wish for a good body. Work for it!” 

8. “Eat, pray, slay.” 

9. “Elegance is an attitude.” 

10. “Felt cute, won’t delete later.” 

11. “Too glam to give a damn.” 

12. “Too lazy to be fake. Being real takes a whole lot less effort.” 

13. “Hating me doesn’t make you pretty.” 

14. “What’s a queen without a king? Well, historically speaking, more powerful.” 

Girls don't always have to be prim and proper ALL the time. Even the best can get cheeky too!

15. “Home is where the bra isn’t.” 👙

16. “I do a thing called -WHAT.I.WANT.” 

17. “I don’t do petty. I do pretty.” 

18. “Yes, looks aren’t everything…well, I have them just in case.” 

19. “I make bad girls look good.” 

20. “What boys do, girls do better.” 

21. “I’m beautiful and I know it.” 

22. “Thick thighs and pretty eyes.” 

23. “I’m the reason why you have eyes. Come on, take a look.” 

24. “It’s not a crime to be this glamorous.” 

25. “Jealousy is such an abominable illness. Get well soon.” 

26. “This girl bows to no one!” 

27. “Silence is better than unnecessary drama.” 

28. “Laugh like a baby. Live like a queen.” 

29. “Life isn’t perfect. But my makeup is.” 

30. “Make it happen, girl. Shock everyone!” 

31. “You can call me queen bee.” 

32. “Obviously, girls run the world.” 

33. “Please, you’ve more issues than vogue.” 

34. “Portrait of a queen.” 

35. “Remember: You might be a PLAYER. But I am the GAME.” 

36. “She was a rainbow, but he was color blind.” 

37. “She was simple like quantum physics.” 

38. “Short, sassy, cute, and classy.” 

Bad Boy Attitude Captions For Instagram

Do you want to show everyone that you’re the man? Get girls’ attention? Or do you want to tell them you’re tired of their nonsense?

Use these bad boy attitude captions for Instagram!

1. “Too lit to quit.” 

2. “The real reason women live longer than men is because they don’t have to live with women.” 

3. “A hot dude with a cool attitude.” 

4. “A man of steel.” 

5. “Less talk, less mistakes.” 

6. “A mighty warrior conquers all!” 

7. “Boys are great, every girl should have one.” 

8. “Boys want attention. Men want respect. Legends don’t care.” 

9. “I just have the balls to call everyone’s bullsh*t. It doesn't mean I’m rude.” 

10. “Do you know what’s always trendy? Being a gentleman.” 

11. “Men hang out in bars for one of 2 reasons: 1. They have no wife to go home to. 2. They do.” 

12. “Don’t stop until you’re proud.” 

15. “Every problem comes with a solution. Unfortunately, my girl doesn’t.” 

16. “Men also have FEELINGS. They can FEEL HUNGRY.” 

17. “Girls express their feelings via tears. Boys express their feelings via Beers.” 

18. “Go disappoint the next guy. I’m busy.” 

19. “My attitude is my kind of fashion.”

20. “He who dares, wins.” 

21. “I am strong. I am kind. I am smart. I am important. I am fearless. I am amazing.” 

22. “Live fast. Be wild. Have fun.” 

23. “I can’t stop being awesome. It’s in my blood.” 

24. “I sure am handsome. I can’t lie. This is one handsome guy.” 

25. “No space for worries in my brain. it’s already too full of naughty thoughts.” 

26. “I’m a gentleman with class.” 

27. “I’m as cunning as the devil. However, I’m twice as handsome.” 

28. “I’m not cranky. I kinds just have a violent reaction to stupid people.

29. “I’m the GOAT.” 

30. “I’m the king here. Come, I’ll show you around.” 

31. “This dude’s got ATTITUDE.” 

32. “Stressed and depressed, but well dressed.”



Did you find the perfect attitude caption for Instagram to use today? Go ahead and get as much engagements as you can with cool attitude captions to match your amazing photo!

Do you want to get more ideas about which captions to use for your IG posts? Check out our other cool posts below

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