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January 2, 2023

10 Cutest Boba Plush to Snuggle & Drink Bubble Tea in 2023

Want to keep up with the latest social media trend and buy a boba plush? Click here to learn about the 10 cutest boba plush on the market.

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Boba tea’s cool aesthetic and unique taste gained it a reputable place among social media trends. And because marketing rules our world, different businesses used the sudden fame of the chewy drink to their advantage. From boba toys and plushies to phone covers and accessories, you can now find boba-themed products all around you.

That said, boba plushies remain the most famous and sought-after. Kids can use them as toys, and adults can use them as snuggling buddies and travel pillows. If you want to buy one for yourself or as a gift, then you’re in the right place. We’ve listed the 10 cutest boba plush on the market, so let’s jump in!

How to Choose the Best Boba Plushie

Before jumping right into the products, we’ll tell you four factors you should consider when buying a boba plushie to ensure you get the best option possible.

Recipient’s Age

The most important factor you should consider is the age of the person you’re buying a boba plushie for. For instance, if you’re buying it for a child, you should make sure there aren’t any swallowable pieces on the plushie.

Little kids are curious and tend to put toys and small stuff in their mouths. So giving your kid a plushie with buttons or clip-on accessories might pose a choking hazard. However, you can ignore this point if you’re getting the plushie for an adult friend or family member.

Plush Safety

Another factor you should consider is whether the plush is suitable for close contact with the skin or not. While this won’t be an issue if you buy it from a high-quality store, you can never be too sure if you buy it anywhere on the streets.

Some plushies are manufactured from low-quality materials that can cause rashes and itches, especially for children. Also, some have allergens in their manufacturing materials, so they can trigger an allergic reaction if kept in close contact for a long time.

Recipient’s Interests

Boba plushies come in many shapes and themes. For instance, some plushies resemble animals holding boba tea cups, while some look like large cups with a straw coming out of them. Now, if the person you’re getting the gift for loves animals, then it’s a clear choice between the two designs.

There are also many other designs suitable for both adults and kids. So keep the gift recipient’s interests in mind while looking.

Washable Plushies

Plushies are vulnerable to stains and spills, especially if they’re owned by kids. That’s why washable plushies are an excellent choice if the gift is for your child. If it gets stained, you can throw it in the washing machine without an issue.

On the other hand, plushies that aren’t machine-friendly will have to be washed manually,

which is an unnecessary hassle.

Best Boba Plush Toys

Here are our choices for the best boba plush toys on the market.

1. The Original Boba Tea Reversible Plush

Thanks to TikTok trends, reversible plushies are now the talk of the hour, making The Original Boba Tea Reversible Plush is an ideal gift for a social media lover. It comes in two shapes that show different emotions, happy and mad, and you can shift between the two using a zipper on the back of the plushie.

What makes this plushie the cuddliest on our list is its super soft manufacturing materials: polyester and cotton. It’s perfect for adults and kids and is safe to snuggle for hours without fearing an allergic reaction.

Another highlight of the boba plush is its small size that you can fit in any bag if you travel a lot, considering that it’s 9 inches high and 5 inches wide. On top of that, it weighs only 5 ounces.

2. MMguai Cute Big Boba Tea Plush

The MMguai Cute Big Boba Tea Plush is a perfect snuggling buddy after a tiring day. It’s manufactured from fine fabrics that feel soft on the skin and don’t cause rashes or redness. So you can use it as a pillow for a long time without an issue.

The MMguai plush looks like a boba tea cup with cute facial details embroidered carefully onto it. Also, it’s about 13 inches tall, making it an ideal size for both adults and kids. To ensure the plush stays intact for a long time without showing signs of wear, manufacturers made its cover slightly elastic. So you don’t need to worry if your kids keep pulling it around. Finally, it’s filled with cotton, ensuring resilience and fluffiness.

3. Pearl Boba Tea Vibrating Plush Chair

The Pearl Boba Tea Vibrating Plush Chair will make your TV time more luxurious and comfortable. Imagine binge-watching a Netflix series while a cute plush gently massages your back with vibrations. It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

The vibrating plush chair has two handles that you can rest your hands on while sitting, one of which has a power button that you can use to turn on the vibrations. It has three AA batteries that can keep it operating for a long time, and it’s manufactured from cotton and polyester, guaranteeing softness.

While the vibrating chair isn’t practical for kids, it’s a perfect gift for boba-lover adults.

4. Tengoku Panda Boba Plush

The Tengoku Panda Boba Plush combines the cuteness of pandas and the coolness of boba tea in one plushie. It has a cute design that ought to dazzle your kids, and it’s manufactured from lab-tested materials that are proven safe for the little ones.

The panda-shaped plush is stuffed with cotton, making it soft, cuddly, and durable. More so, it has high-quality facial details that add to its cuteness.

The best part about the Tengoku plush is that you can use it as a travel pillow, snuggle buddy, or head support, making it practical enough for adults and kids. All in all, it makes for a perfect gift for any upcoming occasion.

5. Noa Bubble Tea Doll

The Noa Bubble Tea Doll is the cutest gift you can get for a boba lover. It looks like a bubble tea cup and has furry hands and feet that add to its cuteness. Also, it has embroidered facial details that make it look like a cartoon character.

The Noa boba doll is manufactured from comfortable materials that don’t feel too harsh on the skin so that you can snuggle to it for hours without an issue. It’s also a bit stretchy to ensure it doesn’t tear if kids pull on it too hard.

On top of that, it comes in two sizes, 7.9 and 11.8 inches. The smaller size works better as a room decoration, while the larger one is best suited for people who want a snuggling pillow.

6. Pueenod Purple Boba Tea Cup

The Pueenod Purple Boba Tea Cup is one of the softest boba plushies on the market, thanks to its manufacturing materials, which include cotton and polyester. It comes in two sizes that are ideal for cuddling and is suitable for all ages.

On top of that, the Pueenod plush is washing machine-friendly, so you can throw it in for a quick round if it gets stained. It also has durable stitches that don’t rip off easily, guaranteeing it stays with you for the longest time possible.

While it might not feel so fluffy once you receive it, there’s an easy fix to this. You only need to use your hand to smooth it down then leave it in the sun for a few hours, and you’re good to go.

7. KJNHYM 2-Piece Boba Cup

Because one cute boba plush isn’t enough, the KJNHUM 2-Piece Boba Cup comes holding two of the cutest plushies on the market, each with a different facial expression. You can use them as snuggling pillows, room decor, or kid toys.

The boba plushies are stuffed with PP cotton, making them stretchy and soft. They come with zippers on their backs so that you can remove some of the stuffing if you want. Also, they’re almost 10 inches high, making them small enough to fit anywhere.

Saving the best for last, KJNHYM manufacturers provide an excellent after-sales service, so if If you aren’t satisfied with the product, you can exchange it within a month.

8. Avocatt Boba Shark Plush

The Avocatt Boba Shark Plush checks all boxes as an ideal gift for a loved one. It’s soft, huggable, and looks adorable enough for kids and adults to fall in love with it. Also, it’s made from high-quality materials that don’t wear fast and feel soft on the skin. Not to mention, all the materials are tested and safe for kids.

The boba stuffed animal has a durable cover and high-quality stitches. It comes with clump- resistant filling so that the stuffing doesn’t gather in one place. Also, it’s 9 inches high and lightweight enough to pack anywhere. You can even use it as a travel pillow if you want.

As a bonus point, the cute bubble tea plush has a gender-neutral design.

9. VHYHCY Stuffed Boba Plush

With a cute design, soft texture, and safe materials, the VHYHCY Stuffed Boba Plush proves worthy of your plush collection. The giant boba plush is 19.6 inches high, making it large enough to use as a pillow. Also, it has an adorable facial expression embroidered onto it using high-quality stitches.

The boba tea plush is stuffed with soft and stretchy cotton, rendering it durable. On top of that, it’s a suitable gift for all ages as the little ones can use it as a toy, and adults can use it as a pillow or snuggling buddy.

10. Niuniu Daddy Green Avocado Boba Plush

Have you ever seen an avocado as cute as the Niuniu Daddy Green Avocado Boba Plush? Because we haven’t!

The squishy plush is made from high-quality polyester, giving it a soft feel that appeals to both adults and kids. It’s 13.7 inches high, making it small enough to carry around but large enough to cuddle with. As a bonus point, it's made from safe materials that won’t pose risks

to kids, if they chew it and don’t have any swallowable details.

Lucky for you, the Niuniu plush is washing machine-friendly, so you don’t need to worry

about staining it. If it gets dirty, throw it in for a quick round then leave it to dry for a couple

of hours.


Ever since boba tea rose to unprecedented fame, boba-themed products followed closely, namely boba plushies. They’re cute, squishy, and suitable for all ages, not to mention trendy. What more can you ask for?

If you want to buy one for yourself or as a gift for a loved one, choose your favorite plush

from our list!

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