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February 27, 2023

Don’t Drink Lishou Coffee! (Banned by FDA)

Keeping a healthy and slim body could be too much work for most people. This is the reason why Lishou Slimming coffee has been a hit with people trying to lose weight. It is marketed as an instant solution for people who have a difficult time losing weight with its all-natural ingredients. However, it might not be as safe, nor is it as effective as it claims!

Joana Regulacion
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Keeping a healthy and slim body could be too much work for most people to achieve. This is the reason why Lishou Slimming coffee has been a hit with people trying to lose weight.

This coffee product is marketed as an instant solution for people who have a difficult time losing weight with its all-natural ingredients. However, it might not be as safe, nor is it as effective as it claims!

Lishou coffee is a popular caffeine-based instant dietary supplement. It promises a quick way to bypass any need for a workout.

What is Lishou slimming coffee?

Lishou Slimming coffee is a dietary supplement from Thailand that claims to aid weight loss “immediately” and “efficiently.”

This product promises the removal of stubborn unwanted fat without having to wait for too long. This is done by suppressing hunger and boosting metabolism.

Why are a lot of people cramming to get their hands on weight loss products?

Obesity affects 41.9% of adults. Obesity was widespread in 41.4% of white adults, and is prevalent in 45.6% of Hispanic adults.  At 49.9%, black adults had the highest rate of adult obesity.

That is almost half of the U.S. population!

I don’t know about you, but Lishou coffee’s claims honestly sound too good to be true. However, I would be lying if I say I’m not struggling with my weight at all. But I’m just TOO LAZY to go to the gym. 😭

But being able to lose weight without all the work explains how it can pique the interest of many internet users. Everyone seems to be talking about it online which led to its popularity skyrocketing. 📱

There are two variants of Lishou coffee available: regular and decaf.

Avid drinkers of Lishou recommend the regular variant. This is because it has more caffeine that helps improve metabolism and burn more calories. This product, however, does not only rely on caffeine to do its slimming magic.

Coffee for weight loss

If you don’t know yet, coffee itself can already help you with weight loss. Aside from being your reliable pick-me-up, it has many benefits for your health.

Black coffee for weight loss

Black coffee —rid of additives like sugar or creamer— can help you lose weight by being low in calories and increasing your metabolic activity.

Here are some of the ways black coffee helps you lose weight

  • Caffeine in coffee gives you the energy to be more active. The extra energy means you won’t be too tired to work out or move around and burn calories.

  • Caffeine in coffee increases your BMR. This means it helps improve how your body burns calories even while in a resting state.

  • Black Coffee has a very low-calorie count. Because black coffee has very few calories, it would be easy to burn it throughout the day. You wouldn’t have to work as much as if you’d taken a soda.

  • Caffeine in coffee is a diuretic. Even if it’s temporary, when your body releases excess water, it also brings your weight down.

  • Caffeine in coffee can stimulate your nervous system. By increasing your metabolic activity, you will be able to break down fat faster and also suppress hunger.

Ao you see, your plain ol’ coffee already has all the benefits you could ever need to lose weight. Still, businesses make you think it isn’t enough and introduce all sorts of weight-loss coffee.

Enzyme coffee for weight loss

Like Lishou slimming coffee, Enzyme coffee for weight loss promises that their product could help you lose weight with the help of… well… enzymes, to break down fat cells.

Here’s an ad for enzyme coffee I found on Facebook. 👇

But just like Lishou coffee, enzyme coffee can’t really help you out with weight loss that a black coffee would be able to.

Your stomach already has lots of enzymes that can help with burning fat. Putting it in coffee just doesn’t make sense!

The good thing is, even when it doesn’t really help with weight loss to you, it doesn’t cause you harm or illness (except their wallet, because enzyme coffee is pricier than other coffee). 

There are also other coffee trends like adding lemon to coffee or baking soda in coffee for weight loss.

On the other hand, Lishou coffee contains sibutramine and desmethyl-sibutramine to suppress appetite and various herbs that claim to naturally burn fat.

And these two ingredients are enough to set the alarms. 🚨 

Now, you might be reading this article because queen you already have Lishou coffee added to your cart. 🛒  But you just want to know if your doubts about the claims are valid. They just sound too good to be true! 

The side effects of drinking Lishou coffee

The side effects of drinking Lishou include dehydration, headache and even getting more serious illnesses like heart failure.

  • Sibutramine

The sibutramine ingredient you can find in Lishou coffee is known to significantly increase blood pressure and heart rate. This can get very bad for some people.

In fact, it may pose a significant risk for you if you already have a history of coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure, arrhythmias, or stroke.

Some of the side effects it brings include dry mouth, headache, insomnia, asthenia, obstipation, and, in some cases, amnesia!

Sibutramine can also cause mood changes. You get moody because energy homeostasis and mood control frequently use overlapping brain circuits.

  • desmethyl-sibutramine

Another ingredient is desmethyl sibutramine. N-desmethyl-sibutramine is a substance that is almost identical to sibutramine.

Due to the lack of available studies confirming its effectiveness, the credibility of Lishou Slimming Coffee’s claims cannot be determined yet. Imagine putting so much faith regarding your weight loss— and health— in coffee that doesn’t have any scientific proof.

However, people who have tried Lishou themselves swear by its quick and significant results.

One commenter on Reddit claims that they’ve “...tried a few diet pills and slimming coffees before…Lishou, etc” and she claims to find them ”...very effective!”

These positive testimonies are spread by word-of-mouth and user-generated content all over social media. And in typical digital generation fashion, it was more than enough to make up for the lack of research backing Lishou. 

As you can see in the Reddit comment above, not all of these reviews are positive.

There have been reports of consumers reporting side effects like anxiety, insomnia, and gastrointestinal issues. Some of the reported side effects even go as bad as heart problems and liver damage.

I don’t want to seem like I am just bad-mouthing this product for no reason, so let’s check out the ingredients.

And alarmingly, you won’t be able to find the ingredients list like other products.


That’s sus. 🤔

To summarize, some of the common side effects people are experiencing include:

  • Jitters
  • Dry lips
  • Dry skin
  • Dehydration
  • Anxiety
  • Headaches
  • Increased heart rate
  • Elevated blood pressure

US FDA advisory on Lishou Slimming Coffee 🚨

One of the important lishou coffee FDA reports is when US FDA announced a warning in 2020. The warning mentions that from their laboratory analysis, one of Lishou Slimming coffee’s main ingredients is a substance withdrawn from the market way back in October 2010.

Just when we are at a loss about what the ingredients in Lishou coffee really are FDA has shed light on the matter.

Sibutramine, a prescription-only anti-obesity medicine affects chemicals in the brain that are involved in weight management. Taking this substance without prior advice from a medical professional is known to pose a threat to people who already have existing health issues.

There are some pre-existing conditions that can be worsened by Lishou coffee. Check the list of illnesses below:

  • history of arrhythmias
  • congestive heart failure
  • coronary artery disease, or stroke

Sibutramine and other structurally similar substances in Lishou might also affect and interact with medications, which can cause life-threatening effects to consumers.

With this, the US FDA has advised consumers to take extra caution when attempting to consume slimming supplements that contain the same ingredients as Lishou Slimming Coffee. 

This product’s promise seems definitely too good to be true, after all.


Lishou isn’t the healthiest drink on the block. Personally, I wouldn’t even dare drink this to lose weight. I don’t think being sexy is worth getting bad skin, or worse, getting a stroke. Yikes!

Here are our answers to your frequently asked questions about Lishou Coffee.

Can I drink Lishou coffee twice a day?

You shouldn’t drink Lishou coffee twice a day especially if you’re planning to use 1 sachet per drink. 1 sachet is enough.

Multiple reports from people who have been regularly consuming Lishou mention frequent urination, dry lips, and difficulty falling asleep. Lishou slimming coffee, especially its regular variant, has quite a high caffeine content.

You could end up jittery and find yourself having a hard time focusing on important tasks. Consequently, the high-caffeine content will cause sleeping problems too.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, caffeine is a diuretic and since Lishou slimming coffee has a lot of caffeine, it is bound to make you pee a lot.

Therefore, drinking more than one sachet per day is probably not safe for you. It is recommended to only drink one sachet of Lishou coffee per day.

What’s the best time to drink Lishou slimming coffee?

Just like any other caffeine-based drink able to boost energy levels and improve metabolism, it should be best for you to consume Lishou slimming coffee during breakfast as a morning pick-me-up.

Drinking Lishou Slimming Coffee in the morning will help you get energized to do physical activities and minimize fatigue while performing the exercise. 

Nighttime would be the worse time to drink Lishou coffee. Where will all that caffeine go? It will only mess up your sleep schedule and your brain will be overstimulated. 

The diuretic properties will also mean frequent visits to the toilet, which means you’ll have to get up from your comfortable bed at night.

Is Lishou coffee safe to drink?

Big, NOPE.

Okay, so it’s not like it’s poisonous. But it can pretty much mess you up and cause serious health problems. Enough to make FDA release an advisory about it.

Yes, multiple people vouch for Lishou Slimming Coffee’s effectiveness based on their own experience. However, the US Food and Drug Administration has announced that their laboratory analyses yielded alarming results.

Their lab show Lishou Slimming Coffee contains a significant amount of a prescription-only substance called sibutramine. If you need a prescription for this drug, why should it end up in your coffee without any doctor’s advice?

Consuming this substance poses a risk to people with heart problems and the like, as well as to those under medication for various diseases. Take caution when trying this drink for yourself.

Can I drink Lishou coffee at night?

You wouldn’t want to. As I wrote earlier, the amount of caffeine makes drinking Lishou Slimming Coffee at night not a very good idea.

It could cause inconveniences, especially when you consume it just as you intend to go to bed.

If you need to stay alert and awake at night. Again, a serving of this drink should not actually be harmful, but rather quite beneficial to you.

You should be mindful of your caffeine intake though. The high could lead you to end up feeling sluggish in the morning when you wake up if you make drinking caffeinated beverages at night a habit.  

Can I drink Lishou coffee while pregnant?

Drinking any caffeinated drink when you are expecting is a bad idea in general.

An average healthy adult’s caffeine intake limit is approximately 400 milligrams, while for pregnant women the recommended amount is much more restricted.

Considering that Lishou coffee has slimming ingredients that suppress appetite, medical experts and nutritionists advise against products like Lishou Slimming Coffee. 

Yes, you could be gaining weight during your pregnancy. But don’t worry so much about it. Some of it is just the baby’s weight as well as the placenta.

Some of the weight can even be attributed to the increase of fluid in the body.

Despite how popular and trendy Lishou slimming coffee has become all over the internet, you should better reconsider trying this drink yourself. There’s no reason to try to lose weight enough to risk your baby.

There might have been various reviews about this product, but they are equal parts positive and negative.

A lot of consumers, particularly beauty and fitness influencers, swear by Lishou Slimming Coffee for effective weight loss management.

However, there are also multiple reports about negative side effects caused by daily intake of this beverage. And let’s not forget the recent advice by the US FDA to take caution when purchasing and consuming this product. 

How to drink Lishou slimming coffee - You don’t!

There is no available research supporting the benefits of drinking Lishou Slimming Coffee to lose weight. If you really wish to manage your weight safely, the best way to effectively do this is by maintaining a healthy balanced diet.

Oh, and definitely do not forget throwing in with regular exercise to the mix.

Rather than relying on weight loss supplements, medical professionals and nutrition experts recommend a healthy diet plus proper exercise. A healthy diet never hurt anyone and it is a more natural solution to weight problems.

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