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October 18, 2021

How to Make Money as a Micro Influencer

Learn how to make money as a microinfluencer by selling products.

Dan Doughty

Thanks to the digital revolution, your expertise in your niche has gained you a slew of followers on YouTube, Twitter, or your social platform of choice. You’re an influencer. You’ve worked hard to get there – and it’s time to turn all that popularity into a more tangible reward.

To leverage that popularity into multiple streams of income, you need products and services to sell. You could, of course, offer lessons in your area of expertise, like YouTube’s music critic and vocal coach, “The Charismatic Voice.” Many influencers do.

But lessons take up a lot of your valuable time – and for that, you need to charge accordingly. Not all your followers can afford such a huge outlay of cash.

Nor do they want to spend their hard-earned money on Patreon or other support sites, where their return usually yields only a few newsletters and maybe an advance notice of upcoming events. They want to support you but want something tangible in return.

Coffee – A Product Your Entire Audience Can Afford

Here’s an idea that a lot of influencers have found success with: selling products that people can use in their everyday lives. One of the most popular products that practically everyone appreciates is coffee.

Who doesn’t love to start their day with a steaming cup of coffee? Whether your audience gets theirs at the local Starbucks or orders it from a specialty coffee provider online, the price is largely the same for premium gourmet coffee.

So, if they can have top-quality coffee shipped right to their door and support their favorite influencer at the same time, it’s a great deal for them. And you’ll have an extra stream of income flowing in. It’s a win-win proposition.

Influencers’ Coffee Success Stories

Selling influencer-branded coffee is so lucrative – and so popular among audiences – that influencers across a broad spectrum of niches have begun to offer it among their other product and service offerings. Here are only a few of them:

Chael Sonnen

A former college wrestling standout, this retired MMA fighter has made a huge splash on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook as an influencer in the MMA niche. Providing MMA fans with insights on upcoming and past MMA fights, Sonnen has garnered 866 thousand followers on YouTube alone, with numbers in the hundreds of thousands on his other platforms.

His high-energy brand is a natural fit for coffee. His “Mean Street” coffee brand features sustainably sourced beans ranging from nutty medium roasts to velvety dark-roasted coffees.

Not a light roast in sight. True to Sonnen's personal brand, his coffee selections reflect his high-octane career.

Network Chuck

With a YouTube audience of 1.6 million-plus, this IT expert uses his social presence to help others know how to jumpstart their own IT career. With his YouTube videos as the springboard, Network Chuck invites his audience to learn more about network and cloud engineering – and even hacking – in his collection of in-depth courses.

But that’s not all. Among the geeky T-shirts on his merch shop, this tech influencer offers a large selection of coffees, including his favorites (guaranteed to be top-sellers among his most rabid fans), single-origin beans, and blends.


T&T Coffee Company

A photogenic young couple bonded over coffee, developing their love for fine coffees and each other into a passion. They found their niche on highly visual Instagram, posting breathtaking photographs and coffee-related memes to promote their brand, T&T Coffee Company.

Unlike some of the influencers we’ve featured, this couple’s laser focus on coffee itself has catapulted it to a niche favorite. Although their Instagram followers number only 513 so far, T&T Coffee Company’s fans are mostly loyal customers, growing their customer base with every new addition.

Their coffee selections include seasonal flavors like “T&T Pumpkin Spice” and “T&T Hazelnut,” as well as gourmet blends and single-source beans that range from light roasts to espresso.

Graham Stephan

A young investor who made a fortune in real estate investments before branching out into other holdings, Graham Stephan has made his presence known worldwide on his two YouTube sites – the Graham Stephan Show, with 771K subscribers, and his personal YouTube channel, with 3.42 million subscribers.

Providing his youthful audience with advice on both making and saving money, Stephan is a notorious saver, passing up items he could well afford, like an $80K-plus piano, to buy a used version of the instrument at only $16K.

So, it was only natural that Stephan would zero in on millennials’ and Gen Zers' passion for consuming pricey coffees in hipster coffee shops. To curb his audience’s addiction to overpriced brews, he introduced his own line of coffee – Bankroll Coffee.

Billing it as a “20-cent iced coffee,” Stephan provides his customers with the same high-quality they get in their tony coffee shop for a lot less. As he puts it, “The average millennial spends more money on coffee than they do on retirement, even though they're able to make that same coffee at home for a fraction of the price.”

Instead of losing money on every cup of coffee they consume, they can put that money in the bank instead – hence the name. Over time, his customers save a ton of money, enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee, and have more money to spend on their future. And Stephan himself has a little extra cash to sock away to expand his empire. Again, everybody wins.

Emma Chamberlain

After a rough start from overpricing her coffee – at $60 per box of teabag-sized individual portions of coffee – YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain slashed her prices. Today, she's thriving with her branded coffee selections. Now, her sustainably sourced and packaged gourmet coffees evoke raves from her adoring audience.

She also expanded her selections to include bagged coffee, both ground and whole bean, in a variety of distinctive flavor profiles. Her hip, mostly female audience adores her – and adores her taste in coffee.

Share Your Mornings with Your Audience

Even though you’re a virtual presence at your audience’s home and workplace, there’s nothing like the intimacy of sitting down with a steamy cup of your coffee as they take in your latest video. Immersing all their senses – smell, taste, hearing, and sight – in consuming your coffee builds a relationship with your audience like nothing else. It’s the next best thing to sipping a cup with them in person.

With Dripshipper’s curated collection of gourmet coffees, you can do just that. Stamped with your own personal brand and shipped directly to your customer immediately after roasting, your coffees will arrive at your audience’s homes without you having to lift a finger.

With US-roasted beans sourced from fair trade and sustainable coffee growers, your audience will enjoy the best coffee on the planet – and you’ll enjoy their unending thanks. Our roasters are FDA-compliant, and we handle all the labor and packaging for you with our automated process.

There’s no risk to you – and we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. We’ll even help you get started with all the resources you need to succeed from day one.

All you have to do is build your brand with your unique passion for your life’s calling.

Don’t wait until your biggest competitor finds out about Dripshipper. Corner your market with our help. Start your 14-day free trial today!


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