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December 15, 2022

How to Make Lavender Syrup for Coffee in 7 Steps

Lavender is famous for its calming abilities. Mixed in coffee. it could help you stay calm while the coffee perks you up. Being jittery from all the caffeine can hamper, instead of improving your performance. This lavender syrup for coffee only needs honey, vanilla, and dried lavender so you can make floral, minty, and sweet coffee anytime you want.

Joana Regulacion
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One of the main benefits of lavender is that it relaxes you when you most need it. You might question if it has any business to be in coffee at all. Yes, you’re drinking coffee to be alert —but lavender syrup for coffee to calm your nerves at the same time? Not a bad idea! 

Lavender is renowned for its ability to create a relaxing atmosphere. Lavender coffee could help you stay calm while the coffee perks you up.

Does lavender syrup taste good in coffee?

It surprises me that lavender syrup actually tastes good in coffee.

Coffee is usually bitter, earthy, and acidic with a flavorsome aroma. Lavender is similarly fragrant with a floral flavor and traces of mint and rosemary.

They say opposites attract, and probably why these too can be a hit —with the right concoction.

Together, lavender and coffee give you a beverage that is more on the sweet side. It needs to be sweet if you want to taste the floral notes. lavender coffee should have enough lavender flavor to permeate and not overwhelm every sip.

It’s not just about the taste but its effects.

Apparently, the floral Lavender notes are subtle and calming and pair well with warm milk and coffee. Not only that but that jittery over-caffeinated feeling you sometimes experience after your morning boost can conveniently be tamed by the addition of lavender.

This creates a great balance of feeling calm and relaxed while also getting that energy boost you need. Now you can function better because coffee with lavender works even better.

How to make Lavender syrup for coffee

The homemade lavender simple syrup for coffee is straightforward to make. It could be with a lavender-flavored simple syrup (liquid sweetener) made from sugar, water, and dried lavender.

It's ideal for sweetening and flavoring hot and cold beverages. 

Here’s a helpful video of a lavender syrup recipe for coffee with lavender we can follow. 👇

What do you need

Here are the ingredients you need to make your own lavender syrup for coffee at home.

  • Honey 175g
  • Vanilla paste/ extract
  • Dried lavender 20g
  • Water 50g

You also need the following utensils:

  • Saucepan
  • Sieve
  • Whisk
  • Bowl

Step 1. Mix water & honey

The first step is to mix water and honey in a bowl or separate saucepan.

Don’t beat yourself up if the mixture won’t fully mix. Because it won’t. Not until there’s heat. 🔥

Step 2. Heat the stove

Put your saucepan on the stove and turn it on to medium-high heat.

We want to heat it up but not make it boil. You can’t put it too high and end up burning the mixture. 

Both honey and lavender have a delicate flavor so we’d like to avoid any byproduct that could affect the flavor of the lavender coffee.

Step 3. Heat up your honey mixture

When the saucepan is hot enough, you can pour in your honey and water mixture in the saucepan and whisk.

Constantly mixing will make sure the honey and water incorporate together.

Step 4. Put your vanilla in

As soon as honey and water start to come together, you can add in your half-teaspoon vanilla paste.

Don’t add too much vanilla though. Remember, we want the lavender to stand out.

After adding your vanilla, resume mixing.

Step 5. Watch for froth

Once you see your mixture start to froth, it’s time to turn the heat off.

Take your saucepan off the stove and place it somewhere convenient for mixing your last ingredient.

You don’t need the heat in the next step. We are also avoiding overcooking or burning our mixture.

Step 6. Put your lavender in

Add your lavender and fully stir in the mixture.

Finally, the star of the show! Make sure all of the dried lavender is fully saturated.

All of the lavender should be immersed in the syrup to take in the flavor and aroma. Let the mixture cool for 30 minutes.

Step 7. Strain

Strain and make sure none of the dried lavender goes in the final syrup.

You can press down on the lavender to extract every drop. It would be a shame to throw away so much syrup.

You might wonder: “Why not add the lavender at the beginning? Why not boil the lavender longer?”

It’s added in the end to avoid boiling which could easily lead to bitterness. Again, a very simple thing could ruin this very delicately flavored syrup.

After the entire process, You should end up with a thick smooth lavender syrup. Store it right away and consume it within 1-2 weeks. Having the recipe for lavender syrup means you already know how to make lavender coffee.

Best lavender syrups for coffee

Now that we’re done with the recipe for a DIY lavender syrup, let's look at brands like Monin and Torani for their ready-made lavender syrup.

Making your own lavender syrup is relatively easy. But not everyone has the time or inclination to make their own lavender syrup. 

Le Sirop de MONIN Lavender

Monin’s lavender syrup adds a semi-sweet, herbal floral flavor. It also adds a beautiful, light purple color to cocktails, lemonades, sodas, and more.

But it’s also the best lavender syrup for coffee I’ve found.

Torani Lavender Syrup

This lavender syrup from Torani is well-balanced — sweet enough that you won't need sugar in your coffee anymore.

Enjoying an energizing and calming cup of coffee

The quality and taste of the coffee beans you use are essential to your favorite morning coffee. But flavored syrups are always a welcome addition. Not only that, but they enable you to create unique beverages at home. 

Unlike white chocolate syrup or salted caramel syrup, the lavender coffee syrup is more on the mild side.

According to Yoga Direct, the addition of lavender syrup, milk, or a few drops of oil allows the body to only take the amount of caffeine needed. This helps keep your body from getting overwhelmed.

This could mean that the lavender balances out any chance of over-caffeinating your body, so you receive just the right amount of energy.

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