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January 2, 2023

13 Actual Ways to Make Money Online in 2023 (NO Surveys)

Making money online such as by answering surveys can be a great idea to earn money on the side. However, answering surveys can be SO boring. Not to mention, a few that claim to pay you for answering surveys make it hard to earn. We bring you 13 helpful ways how to make money online no survey involved! These are reliable ways to make money online.

Joana Regulacion
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Making money online such as by answering surveys can be a great idea to earn money on the side. However, answering surveys can be quite mind-numbing. It doesn’t help that a few of the sites around takes too long before you can make real money. Here’s a helpful list of how to make money online no survey involved!

How to make money online without surveys

If you are thinking about how to make money online without surveys, check out our list below! 

1. Dropshipping

Anyone can earn up to $1000 every month with dropshipping. If this is your first time hearing about dropshipping. Dropshipping is a retail fulfillment strategy.

This business model involves outsourcing the purchasing, storing, and shipping of your products. 

Some of the things you need to do in making money online without surveys through dropshipping:

  • Researching and picking a niche. This involves choosing a niche product that your buyers and yourself are passionate about. 
  • Identifying and analyzing the competition. This will help you foresee how much competition you have and how to beat them to be #1 in search results.
  • Look into your supplier. You should also look into a reliable supplier to make sure you give your buyers the best product quality.
  • Pick the right platform. Different platforms have different policies so you should pick the best one to build your store. 
  • Build a brand. You should put a lot of effort into creating a brand because it helps buyers trust you more.
  • Promote your store. Put some focus on marketing, as well as creating a website.

Check this website below 👇

You just need to learn about dropshipping and how to calculate profit margins to maximize your income.

You can sell trending products such as bralettes, DIY Tools, drones, or non-perishable food like coffee. ☕

2. Watching videos

You can make money online with no surveys involved by watching videos!

You'll get to see a variety of videos while doing this. Depending on the site, you can earn up to $5. That’s not bad!

How to make money online no survey at all for you by signing up for these websites:

  • Nielsen. You make money by watching TV shows and browsing online through their app. There’s also a chance to win sweepstake entries into their $10,000 monthly reward!

  • iRazoo. You can get paid watching videos online and earn iRazoo points for each video. You can also watch short films, ads, app trailers, movie trailers and reviews, and even cooking tutorials.

  • Swagbucks. Swagbucks lets you accumulate points that may be used for gift cards. With this website, you can also watch playlists of movie trailers.

  • InboxDollars. You earn PayPal cash or gift cards and it gives you a heads up on how long a playlist will take before you get started. 

  • MyPoints. Offers a $10 gift card as a signup bonus. You can earn rewards for watching videos online or through this mobile app. Points can be cashed out for gift cards, travel miles, or even PayPal cash.

3. Website Testing

Most website testing companies will pay you $10 per test. There’s also the possibility of earning more if you want. A typical website testing session lasts 10 to 20 minutes, no biggie.

It may appear to be a small amount of money —but an extra $10 per day is better than nothing. It’s probably one of the easiest online jobs no surveys included.

If you’d like to make money testing sites and apps and get free money now no surveys you can signup to these websites:

As a website tester, you will help check a website’s usability, functionality, speed, and even visualy. A program will record your mouse movements, clicks, and keystrokes so that the website can see how you interact with it.

4. Data entry

How to make money online no survey involved? With data entry, you can make around $18 per hour. Data entry is a straightforward and uncomplicated way to earn money.

The job usually involves encoding and transferring data from one document to another. It is great for college students to make money without much mental stress. 

Here are a few websites where you can find data entry positions and get free money now no surveys included:

You will need basic spreadsheet skills and be familiar with Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets. You need to type fast and, of course, know how to work a laptop.

There are a lot of typing sites to practice your typing skills. Here are some other skills that might help you become a data entry specialist:

  • Outstanding organizational skills
  • A keen eye for detail
  • Ability to detect errors with accuracy and efficiency
  • Strong time management skills
  • Ability to prioritize tasks is required.

5. Microtasks

Microtasks are small tasks that get you paid. It’s another way how to make money online without surveys.

Microtasks sites have big clients, so there will always be a steady source of jobs you can do to earn. You can earn between $50 and $100 per day as a microtasker.

The jobs you have to do will vary and will usually depend on the micro job site you join. Some sites focus on a particular field, while some sites offer a more general type of jobs.

They can be playing games, downloading apps, watching video ads, and more.

Making money online without surveys is possible with Mturk. You can choose from hundreds of HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) and earn between $1 and $11. Amazon Mechanical Turk is a service that assists businesses with simple and repetitive tasks in workflows that require manual intervention.

You can also check OneForma where you can earn money by collecting data, transcribing audio files, doing translation jobs, and even working full-time. You can get paid through Payoneer or PayPal, which makes it easy to withdraw your earnings.

6. Freelancing

As a freelancer, you will earn money online no surveys included by assisting businesses with day-to-day tasks. It can be whatever task they require assistance with.

Earnings as a freelancer can range from $15 to $22 per hour.

Businesses usually outsource freelancers for bookkeeping, data entry, and customer service. Your ability to charge a fee as a virtual assistant is determined by your skillset and experience.

Specialized skills, such as managing Facebook ads or email marketing, can let you charge a premium.

You can create a profile on the following websites to find job postings that interest you.

7. Click Ads

Do you want stress-free online jobs no surveys included? Then click ads!

Clicking ads is another way to make money online quickly. Many websites provide Paid-To-Click (PTC) opportunities. You simply click ads, wait a few seconds, and then solve a captcha.

Many people prefer to use pay-per-click sites, also known as PPC. These websites generate revenue by selling ad space on their platform. PPC sites allow advertisers to reach millions of potential customers and entice consumers to participate by paying them to view the ads.

This may not pay much, but it requires little effort.

If you’re interested, you can check out these websites:

8. Games

How to make money online no survey involved? Play games!

If you like playing mobile games, numerous websites and apps give you money by doing just that. So it's a pretty enjoyable way to earn money.

These sites and apps work by you playing specific games and getting paid for every minute you play them.

For most sites, your reward will gradually decrease as you play the game longer. They designed it this way to encourage you to try out different games rather than sticking to just one.

Playing video games can be a great way to unwind and may even turn out to be a good way to make some extra money.

Check out these websites below 👇

Making money from video games has become a viable revenue stream for many in recent years. The video game industry has seen a massive increase in players with so many different platforms to choose from and amazing games coming out.

9. Tutoring

Making money online without surveys is possible by being a tutor. You can make around $14-$20 per hour as an online tutor. Your job is to assist learners in areas they are struggling in.

You can also teach spoken English to non-English speakers from other countries.

Here are some of the platforms you can sign up to get an online tutor job:

Some online tutoring websites need you to be a graduate or have a bachelor's degree in Education. But there are a few websites that have lesser requirements too.

10. Evaluating Search Engine

You can expect to earn between $12 and $15 per hour as a search engine evaluator and make money online no surveys at all for you.

Companies that can make the best use of their intellectual capital can gain a competitive advantage as the amount of bad content grows.

Get free money now no surveys involved by checking out these websites below:

In most organizations, the effectiveness or the ineffectiveness of a site search has an impact on business productivity.

Search engine evaluators examine search query pages. This could be checking out search engines such as Google, Bing, and even social media platforms. 

11. Transcription

Getting a transcription job can earn you around $2000 per month. This job likely entails listening to audio files and then writing them down.

It helps if you are an experienced typist with strong grammar skills. Depending on the quality of the recording and of the person's speech transcribing can take anywhere between 4 -8 minutes. 

Here are some of the best websites to earn money online no surveys involved with transcription jobs:

One of the challenges of this job is audio with lots of mumbling. It can also be pretty challenging if the speaker has a big accent.

Aside from that you also need to have attention to detail. As a transcriber, you need to constantly re-read as you're typing to make sure you don't miss anything.

12. Proofreading

Being a proofreader doesn’t require an English degree or special certification. Depending on the scope of the work, an experienced proofreader can charge anywhere from $20 to $45 per hour. 

The average hourly rate for proofreaders is $30 to $35 assuming a word rate of 2,200 to 3,200 words per hour.

Check out these platforms to find proofreading online jobs no surveys included! 👇

The great thing about being a proofreader is that you can do it from anywhere offline. You get to set your hours and doesn't require a lot of equipment or tools.

What qualifications do you need to be a proofreader?

  • Attention to detail. You need to be thorough and pay attention to detail.
  • English skills. You need English language proficiency to know what to look for.
  • Grammar skills. Exceptional verbal communication skills will help you check for grammar errors quickly.

13. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways for making money online without surveys at all! It is an online business model that allows you to earn money by promoting the products of other companies.

In exchange for promoting their products, you will be paid a commission on each sale made through your referral link.

How to make money online without surveys? Here are a few platforms for you:

How it works: You have to pick a niche that has a great chance of bringing you money and then find products or services you want to promote.

Once you've joined their affiliate program, you'll have access to a unique affiliate link that tracks where each sale comes from. You will be paid a commission if someone clicks on your link and makes a purchase.

You can promote your affiliate links in one of the following ways:

  • A blog
  • YouTube channel
  • Social Media
  • Newsletters
  • courses


Thanks for reading until the end of this post and I hope you have found out the best ways to make money online no surveys included. How much money you can make depends on how much effort you put in. 

How to make money online no survey involved is entirely possible when you give time to search, explore, learn and execute your ideas. 

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