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October 14, 2022

Turnkey Dropshipping: Definition, Benefits, Considerations & Providers

From registering a domain to buying hosting and choosing an E-commerce platform, you’ll need a lot of time and effort to build a dropshipping store. Fortunately, the rise of pre-built & turnkey services has made it easier than ever to acquire a professional dropshipping store. This guide will show you everything about turnkey dropshipping. Let’s explore!

Hien Tran
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Dropshipping is believed to be one of the most popular online business models. But do you know that more than 90% of dropshippers fail in the beginning?

Dropshippers are often driven away by the technicalities of building the store. Choosing a domain, site building, finding suppliers, etc., are some of the tiresome tasks that dropshippers endure.

That’s where turnkey dropshipping comes into play!

But what is turnkey dropshipping? What are the benefits? What should you keep in mind when buying a turnkey dropshipping store?

You can find answers to these questions in this article. Read further to learn more!

What is turnkey dropshipping?

Turnkey dropshipping is a model that allows you to buy a fully functional E-commerce website. The website is already operational, and in many cases, preloaded with products. This model offers a faster way to start dropshipping, and it’s used by millions of entrepreneurs around the world.

What is turnkey dropshipping?

Most turnkey dropshipping store providers help you with continuous support after you buy from them. With their help, you can make future adjustments to ensure your store is perfectly in line with your brand identity. 

Benefits of buying a turnkey dropshipping store

Benefits of buying a turnkey dropshipping store

Turnkey dropshipping stores come with a number of benefits, so here are a few of them:

  • You get a functional business quickly. Turnkey dropshipping can eliminate the initial hustle of running a dropshipping business. You don’t have to go through building a website, uploading products, finding suppliers, attracting your first customers, etc. The website is already up and running. So, you just need to find the right marketing strategy to maintain your income flow.

  • There’s no need to store products. Like regular dropshipping businesses, you don’t need to handle any inventory. When consumers place orders, information will be passed to the supplier, who then ships to the customer. Typically, turnkey dropshipping sites already have verified suppliers, and the order system is up and running. That makes your work a lot easier. Your main tasks include monitoring the orders and providing customer support when needed.

  • Start-up costs are low. Turnkey dropshipping reduce your start-up costs significantly. It does all the work and sets the systems in place. From as low as $300, you can set yourself up in a fully functional store ready to make money. This starting cost is lower than if you go the traditional route. 

  • Technical knowledge is not required. To set up a dropshipping store by yourself, you would need to know the technical aspects of site building. With turnkey dropshipping, you don’t need to invest in learning any code, SSL, etc. The company you buy from will handle that for you.

Key considerations when buying a turnkey dropshipping store

Key considerations when buying a turnkey dropshipping store

Before buying a ready-made dropshipping store, you should take some time to assess your options. Below are some factors to help you with that.

  • The uniqueness. You should check the nature of the products already on the website. If they’re common, chances are there will be too much competition. That could mean fewer sales and revenue from the store, while your marketing costs may be higher. It’s better to do your own research on the product niche to know if the items will sell or not.

  • SSL certificate. Security is essential when you buy an already-built website. Make sure that the site comes with an SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate. It helps protect the data exchanged between your business and customers. 

  • Domain authority. Find out how the website performs on search engines. This is one of the ways for you to check whether the website is worth the price. If you can easily find the website on search engines, or it has a higher domain authority, that often signals a credible, well-performing site. If it doesn't even rank, that’s a red flag. 

  • Order processes. Don’t forget to check the order processes of the site you want to buy. It should have a transparent checkout procedure and order-tracking features. The site must clearly map out steps for customers. In addition, the shopping cart should be user-friendly with integrated payment options. Contact information and return policies should also be precise. 

15 best turnkey dropshipping store providers

It’s quite simple to purchase a turnkey dropshipping store. You can buy and sell websites on several platforms. However, not all of them offer legit services. Below are some of the top players you can trust. 

1. AliDropship

AliDropship not only provides an automation solution but also helps you set up a turnkey dropshipping store from scratch. With AliDropship Custom Store Service, you’re given an opportunity to sit back and have a team of professionals in the dropshipping industry set everything for you. 


With this service, AliDropship offers various packages to suit your budget, while giving you a complete solution to make money from home. All custom stores come with the original plugin, professional theme, and some products added for you. 

AliDropship has a team of experienced and highly qualified developers who are responsible for the development of these custom dropshipping stores. Also, each project comes with a dedicated account manager to ensure you get exactly what you expect.

The package also comes with the plugin, which saves you $89. This AliDropship plugin makes it exceptionally easy to add new items to your website.

AliDropship Custom Store’s highlight features:

  • The store is ready to promote and make money
  • A premium domain name with a .com TLD
  • Custom logo, banners, and a professional theme
  • Professional niche research to ensure the products are in high demand
  • Various payment gateways
  • Up to 200 products for you
  • Real-time order tracking 

Pricing plans:

  • Basic plan: $299/year
  • Advanced plan: $499/year
  • Ultimate plan: $899/year

2. Premade Stores

As its name suggests, Premade Stores also provides a fast-tracked dropshipping store-building service. The platform promises to deliver a fully-functional dropshipping store within 24-48 hours by charging a starting fee of $180.

Premade Stores

Their premade package offers a custom domain name, logo, and 10-15 preloaded winning products. Additionally, you can use their mobile-friendly website design, premium themes, attractive color schemes, and much more.

You can also get services like sales channel integration and social media profile building, but you will need to pay an additional cost. 

Premade Stores’ highlight features:

  • Fast and reliable (24-48 hour) dropshipping store building service
  • Mobile responsive themes with optimized design and quality graphics
  • An optional custom domain name, logo, and currency plugin
  • Professional Facebook video ads service with script writing and editing
  • Dedicated customer support team

Pricing plans

  • Custom stores: starts at $180
  • Pre-built stores: starts at $599

3. Brandafy

Brandafy is unarguably one of the most common turnkey dropshipping store providers on this list. They load dropshipping stores with some of the trendiest products and source from the most reputable suppliers. 


Brandafy offers two packages. The first one is One Product Store which costs $697, and the other is Niche Store priced at $997. Without a doubt, that is a high price, but they charge for the quality. 

Brandafy provides email marketing, pixel and analytics setup, and much more in both of their packages. It also offers 2 revisions and 30 days of technical support to ensure that you don’t face any trouble while starting your dropshipping business. 

Brandafy’s highlight features:

  • Full store setup and responsive design
  • Email marketing & autoresponders
  • Branding and logo design
  • Domain setup and integration 
  • Reviews and descriptions imported
  • Pixel and analytics setup
  • 45 products imported
  • 2 revisions and 30-day technical support

Pricing plans:

  • One Product Store: $697
  • Niche Store: $997

4. Wholesale2b

As a leading dropshipping automation platform, Wholesale2b offers a wide range of professional services, including a custom website plan. 


The platform offers a complete setup of your dropshipping store with a domain name, hosting, integrated suppliers, inventory automation, as well as access to more than 1 million additional products with one-click importing. In addition, you can use an SSL certificate, a professional business email address, and built-in marketing tools. 

Providing you with everything you need to start a successful dropshipping store, Wholesale2b is a true all-in-one solution, perfect for beginners and professionals alike. 

Wholesale2b’s highlight features:

  • Include hosting, domain name, and inventory automation
  • Preload hundreds of products and import them with a single click
  • Offer an SSL certificate, business email, and built-in marketing tool
  • Quick turnaround time with full setting up

Pricing plans:

  • Monthly plan: $49.99/month
  • Annually plan: $447/year

5. WooDropship

WooDropship is known as an Oberlo alternative for WordPress, which lets you import products from AliExpress and automate order fulfillment. 

But do you know that WooDropship also provides custom dropshipping stores?

Simply place an order, and provide the relevant details WooDropship will deliver a ready-to-use store to use within 48 hours. 

Featuring a professional theme, a premium domain name, one year of hosting, as well as a plugin for importing products and automating inventory management, WooDropship is quickly becoming a formidable competitor in this industry. 


WooDropship’s highlight features:

  • Premium dropshipping stores in any category or niche
  • WooDropship plugin for automated inventory management
  • Web hosting, domain name, SSL certificate, and customized logo
  • Access to millions of AliExpress dropship products with US shipping
  • Quick turnaround time with full ownership transfer and lifetime support

Pricing plans:

  • Essential plan: $199
  • Advanced plan: $349
  • Pro plan: $499

6. Dropship Empire

If you are searching for a turnkey dropshipping store at just a price of $119, then Dropship Empire would be an excellent choice for you. 

Dropship Empire

Its pre-made stores come with a business email, a professionally designed custom logo, and automation options. Besides, they’re also preloaded with products from reputable suppliers from the US, UK, or Europe. 

If you want to make money right from the beginning, Dropship Empire also deals in already established dropshipping businesses. Some of their stores can generate up to $25,000 per year - but of course, you would need a reasonable amount of investment to buy them.

Dropship Empire’s highlight features:

  • Turnkey dropshipping store in any niche or category
  • An SSL, professional logo, and mobile responsive design
  • Automated inventory management with US/UK/EU suppliers
  • Integration options with large marketplaces, such as Amazon and eBay
  • Provider of established dropshipping businesses with existing revenue
  • Free video training and ongoing support

Pricing plans: starts from $119

7. Dropbuild

With a number of positive reviews on TrustPilot, Dropbuild has become one of the most reliable turnkey store providers on this list. 


All of their turnkey stores come fully loaded with winning products from certified suppliers. Furthermore, they offer high-converting video ads, ad copy, logo branding, descriptions, and targeting suggestions, as well as content for social media. 

Dropbuild further provides a responsive design with a premium Shopify theme, integrated payment processors, and essential apps. Stores are also fully optimized for speed and search engine visibility. 

All you need to do is place an order through their website, and Dropbuild will create an entirely unique Shopify dropshipping store for you. 

Dropbuild’s highlight features:

  • Winning products from certified suppliers
  • High-converting video ads and creative social content
  • Professional logo branding and graphics
  • Responsive design with premium Shopify theme and apps 
  • Optimization for speed and search engine visibility

Pricing plans:

  • One Product store: $499
  • Niche store: $649

8. Ecommerceify

As an innovative E-commerce agency and dropshipping store provider, Ecommerceify offers a lot of unique services. Some of them include custom store building, product description writing, Facebook ads management, as well as SEO optimization solutions. 


Starting from just $149, Ecommerceify provides a premium design, custom-made logo, high-quality graphics, and preloaded winning items, along with 100% ownership transfer. Other features include an SSL certificate, access to millions of dropshipping products, and payment gateway integrations. 

Ecommerceify’s highlight features:

  • A number of preloaded winning products
  • Access to millions of AliExpress dropshipping products
  • Automated stock/inventory management with real-time sync
  • Professional and mobile responsive design
  • Multiple integrated payment gateways, including Stripe and PayPal
  • Product description writing, SEO, and ads management services
  • Fast delivery within 48-72 hours with 100% ownership transfer

Pricing plan: starts from $149

9. eHustlr

Founded by successful entrepreneur Crystal Burt, eHustlr is a well-known provider of turnkey dropshipping stores built on Shopify. 

From women’s fashion to fitness equipment and pet supplies, eHustlr provides a range of unique and niche-targeted dropshipping stores, starting at only $199. 

Preloaded with hot-selling products and essential apps for maximizing sales, stores provided by eHustlr are perfect for beginners who are looking to quickly start dropshipping on a tight budget. 


eHustlr’s highlight features:

  • Up to 20 preloaded products with high-quality images
  • Personalized services with niche-driven websites and products
  • Mobile responsive design 
  • Integration with essential apps for maximizing sales/conversions
  • Lifetime support together with a free E-book on generating traffic and sales

Pricing plan: starting from $199

10. Dropship For Sale

Since its inception in 2017, Dropship For Sale has been growing in popularity for its appealing custom Shopify dropshipping stores. 

Dropship For Sale

Its custom-designed stores start at $199 with additional add-ons, such as domain registration, automated order processing, and supplier plugin integration. Meanwhile, its pre-made stores already come with registered domain names and are only sold once. They can cost up to $1290. 

The platform promises to deliver full ownership to you within 24 hours after the purchase is completed. Unfortunately, Dropship For Sale doesn’t offer any sort of after-sales service, so you’ll pretty much be on your own once getting your store from them. 


Dropship For Sale’s highlight features:

  • Attractive store design with all necessary app integrations
  • Domain registration, automated order processing, and supplier plugin integration
  • Delivery within 24 hours with full ownership

Pricing plan: starts at $199

11. Ali2Woo

Ali2Woo is a plugin that not only helps you import products to your WooCommerce store from AliExpress but also provides turnkey stores with awesome features. 

Ali2Woo uses modern premium themes and high-quality images to help you stand out from the crowd. Its stores are also fully-optimized for search engine visibility. In addition, they are loaded with 50-200 of the best AliExpress dropshipping items. 


Ali2Woo’s highlight features:

  • Offer trendy, high-demand niches for you after analyzing it
  • Find and provide a search engine-friendly domain name
  • Create a unique and clean design for your website
  • Provide mobile responsive design
  • Include the Ali2Woo plugin to directly import products from AliExpress
  • Integrate Google Analytics 
  • Support the most popular processors, like PayPal, Stripe, 2Checkout, and PayU

Pricing plans

  • Base plan: $499
  • Advanced plan: $899
  • Pro plan: $1299

12. TabonTech

TabonTech offers a comprehensive solution for you to start your business. In addition to turnkey Shopify dropshipping stores, TabonTech helps you build traditional E-commerce websites on Magento, BigCommerce, OpenCart, and so on.

TabonTech’s service goes far beyond just setting up a copy-pasted website. They offer SEO, social media marketing, and much more to enhance your website performance. 


TabonTech’s highlight features:

  • Offer mobile responsive websites
  • Include basic web descriptions 
  • Provide professional logo design & graphic work
  • Create an E-commerce website on your preferred platform

Pricing plans:

  • Silver Website Package: €500
  • Gold Package: €2000
  • Platinum Website Package: €5000


BE BIGGY sells both generic and custom turnkey dropshipping stores. You can buy generic stores for as little as $119. Meanwhile, custom stores lean more towards the expensive side, and start at $499.

BE BIGGY also helps you automate your business with an additional fee of $29/month. The most significant advantage of BE BIGGY is their lifetime after-sales service, which helps you maintain your website. 


BE BIGGY’s highlight features:

  • Automate your business with an additional fee of $29/per month
  • Offer lifetime after-sales service to help you maintain your website
  • Provide multiple niches for you to choose from
  • Get connected with trustworthy suppliers to source products

Pricing plan: starts at $119

14. Turnkey Ecom Stores

As its name suggests, Turnkey Ecom Stores provides ready-made stores to help you quickly start your business.

Turnkey Ecom Stores

The unique selling point of this platform is that they do not believe in temporarily trendy or seasonal products. Instead, they preload stores with evergreen products to help you generate a stable income flow throughout the year. 

In addition to store-building services, Turnkey Ecom Stores creates a sales funnel to set you on the right track. Besides, they provide product descriptions and design images to set you apart from other competitors. 

Turnkey Ecom Stores’ highlight features:

  • Offer evergreen products to ensure that you can generate sales in any season
  • Create sales funnels to help you achieve your business goal
  • Provide product descriptions and image designs
  • Provide custom store designs with attractive themes

Pricing plan: custom pricing

15. Flippa

Actually, Flippa is not a turnkey dropshipping store provider, but rather a marketplace where you can buy established businesses online. Flippa has been around since 2009, and it’s completely protected and safe for peer-to-peer selling. 

The prices of stores on Flippa vary, but in general, they start from a few thousand dollars to a few million dollars. 


Flippa’s highlight features:

  • Offer a number of established turnkey dropshipping stores
  • Provide an entirely safe and protected place for peer-to-peer selling
  • Work well for individuals who are searching for businesses with existing income

Pricing plan: custom pricing


As a viable way for your dropshipping business, turnkey dropshipping eliminates all the technical hassle associated with starting from scratch. If you’re looking for a quick yet affordable way to the dropshipping world, this model might be the solution for you.

Nevertheless, you should take special care to secure a good deal that can generate profits soon enough. Looking for the right deal, which gives you value for money, starts by using amazing platforms. 

We hope this in-depth turnkey dropshipping guide has helped you a lot. Thanks for reading!

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