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April 13, 2022

Private Label Coffee - Top 12 Suppliers in 2022

Find out what private label coffee suppliers do and what are the top 12 suppliers for both dropshipping and wholesale in 2022.

Hien Tran

Let’s start with a fact: Many of us love to start the day with a cup of freshly made warm coffee. 

With an estimated consumption rate of 166.63 million bags in 2020/2021, coffee is one of the most widely consumed beverages worldwide. The coffee industry is expected to grow dramatically in the upcoming years, and it is definitely possible to make a lot of money within this industry.

But what should I do first to start my coffee business?” you might ask.

If you find it challenging to make your own coffee, chances are you should look for a high-quality coffee supplier. 

Don’t worry; this blog post can help you. We’ve evaluated 12 top-notch private label coffee suppliers that can take your business to the next level. Let’s explore!

What can a private label coffee supplier do?

First and foremost, private label coffee is created by one supplier but packaged and sold under your own brand. Simply put, you buy it, make it your own, and distribute/ sell the coffee under the label you have created. 

With the help of a private label coffee supplier, you can reach new corners of the markets without the experience or resources to roast coffee yourself. You can even request specific alterations of the coffee to suit your needs and appeal to your customers. The supplier often packages it with your label and brand, so customers know it comes from you, not from the supplier company.


Private label products are becoming popular in the coffee industry, appearing everywhere from supermarkets to chain cafés. They not only offer specialty roasters an alternative revenue stream, but also provide freedom and stability from marketing concerns. 

This article will divide private label coffee suppliers into two types: suppliers for dropshipping and suppliers for wholesale. The details will be mentioned in the following sections!

Dropshipping vs. Wholesale: a short comparison

For merchants that plan on selling private label coffee, there are two main options to manage inventory and order fulfillment: dropshipping and wholesale. 

Dropshipping actually doesn’t require you to own and manage inventory. Instead, when someone places an order, it is passed on directly to the product’s manufacturer, supplier, another retailer, or a dropshipping service. They’ll be in charge of fulfilling and shipping on your behalf.

On the other hand, when purchasing wholesale, you’ll approach manufacturers/ suppliers directly and buy products in bulk in order to get a more favorable price per unit.

Both of them come with a list of pros and cons. That’s why it’s essential to carefully weigh up both options to decide which one is the best strategy for your business. 

Whether you go with dropshipping or wholesaling, we have a list of the best private label coffee suppliers right below. Just read and find the best one for you!

List of 7 suppliers for dropshipping

1. Dripshipper

As a top-rated dropshipper for coffee, Dripshipper integrates well with Shopify. Thanks to their USA-based facilities, the company can fulfill orders within the USA in just 3 days. 


So, how does Dripshipper work? All you need to do is:

  • Sign up for the 14-day free trial (for Shopify store owners)
  • Install the Dripshipper app
  • Upload your logo
  • Add coffee products to your store

Then, Dripshipper will handle everything else for you! The platform can make dropshipping coffee an absolute walk in the park. 

Key features of Dripshipper:

  • No setup fees
  • No per order charges
  • No label charges 
  • Freedom to use images and descriptions of products
  • 40+ different coffees
  • Ability to choose your preferred coffee roast, as well as the type, size, color, and labeling of your store’s coffee bags
  • Automatic order fulfillment

Pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: $30/ month
  • Professional plan: $99/ month
  • Elite plan: $197/ month

2. Temecula Coffee Roasters

Note: You can quickly get access to Temecula Coffee Roasters through Dripshipper, since Temecula supplies coffees for Dripshipper merchants.

With Temecula Coffee Roasters, you can enjoy full-scale coffee dropshipping services. 


All orders fulfilled through Temecula Coffee Roasters are made on order. That means there will be a brief wait time, but your customers will get super fresh coffee. 

After you’ve submitted a business plan and been approved to create an account on the Temecula Coffee Roasters platform, you’ll need to create custom labels for your store. Then, choose your preferred coffees, and you’ll be ready to start making fulfillment orders. 

You won’t be required to pay any signup or dropshipping fees. Temecula also requires no minimum order restrictions. Nevertheless, only Shopify store owners are eligible for its dropshipping program if they want the automated app they utilize. 

Key features of Temecula Coffee Roasters:

  • 40+ different coffees
  • Provides FDA-compliant product labels with your logo

Pricing: contact them for more details 

3. Old Chicago Coffee Co.

Note: Like Temecula Coffee Roasters, you can also get access to Old Chicago Coffee Co. through Dripshipper.

This is another great supplier to consider if you want a wide variety of coffee products. It not only offers a variety of blends and flavors, but also pays attention to details such as how coarse or fine you’d like your grinds to be.


Please note that Old Chicago Coffee Co. charges a $35 upfront fee if you want to join its dropshipping program. Thereafter, you’ll incur a monthly fee of $10. You can take advantage of its private label dropshipping, worldwide shipping, and a broad selection of coffee bag size options.

You can either upload a logo for black/ white labels or send them the custom labels for coffee bags. They will ship your orders within 1-3 business days. 

However, a big minus point of Old Chicago Coffee Co. is that all dropshipping processes are manual. You would have to list products manually in your store, in addition to placing and tracking your orders the old-school way.

Key features of Old Chicago Coffee Co.:

  • Offers various blends and flavors
  • Charges a setup fee and monthly fee
  • Manual process, requires you to list products, place, and track orders by yourself

Pricing: $35 (account setup fee) + $10 per month (subscription fee)

4. Aroma Ridge

Aroma Ridge is another popular private label coffee dropshipping supplier, which is known for high-quality products. Aroma Ridge designs custom coffee products and then fulfills them on your behalf. 


You can take advantage of bag designs, sizes, colors, and custom labeling. The company also offers gift boxes for special occasions. They will manufacture and then ship your order within 1-2 business days. 

However, you won’t be able to sell some of their signature blends. Using their product images or descriptions is also impossible. Plus, the platform charges you a $100 non-refundable signup fee to register as an Aroma Ridge dropshipping partner.

Key features of Aroma Ridge:

  • Available bag designs, sizes, colors, and custom labeling
  • Various gift boxes for special occasions
  • A non-refundable setup fee of $100
  • A service charge of $3.25 per order  
  • You cannot use images or product descriptions 
  • You need to supply your own labels. If Aroma Ridge prints your labels, it will cost you $50 per 108 labels.

Pricing: $100 (starting fee)

5. Blessed Bean Coffee

Blessed Bean Coffee is located in Florida but ships to the world. If you’re looking to cater to a broad market of coffee lovers, the company might help you get the job done. 


Blessed Bean Coffee offers various coffee flavors, such as Amaretto and other signature blends. They also provide private labeling with different custom packaging options. The company offers an established dropshipping program but requires you to make direct contact for more details. 

Key features of Blessed Bean Coffee:

  • Offers private labeling with different custom packaging options
  • Print your labels for you (but you need to send them your images)
  • Manual process

Pricing: contact them for more details

6. Path Coffee Roasters

Path Coffee Roasters is a US-based coffee supplier that cares about your business as if it was its own. Thanks to its private label dropshipping program, you can take advantage of its easy website integration and affordable pricing.


Moreover, the brand can source, roast, blend, pack, as well as fulfill all your coffee orders as they come in. They don’t charge you any monthly fees. Plus, the supplier can take professional product images of your products. 

Key features of Path Coffee Roasters:

  • No monthly fees
  • Offers affordable pricing
  • Takes professional product images of your products
  • Sources, roasts, blends, packs, and fulfills your orders

Pricing: contact them for more details

7. Seattle Gourmet Coffee

Seattle Gourmet Coffee is a US 27-year-old coffee supplier, which provides good quality coffee with multiple grinds. However, the platform doesn’t offer in-house printing.


If you desire to offer your customers an interesting coffee culture experience, you can list the Seattle Coffee Gourmet engraved coffee mugs as well as printed T-shirts in your online store. 

The company provides a dropshipping application form on its official website. Your application needs to be reviewed and approved before you begin processing orders through this supplier.  

Key features of Seattle Gourmet Coffee:

  • Free shipping on orders over 20 pounds
  • No automatic order fulfillment
  • You need to send bags & labels to them

Pricing: contact them for more details

List of 5 suppliers for wholesale

8. Dripshipper

Dripshipper doesn't just do dropshipping. They have private label coffee available for wholesale, as well. Thanks to their modern technology, you can design your products and order all within the app, without having to talk to anybody.


How can you order wholesale?:

  • Sign up for the 14-day free trial
  • Install the Dripshipper app
  • Upload your logo or custom label
  • Navigate to the Direct Order page and place your order.

The platform makes it super simple and quick to order. The easiest way to get started is by clicking here.

Key features of Dripshipper's wholesale program:

  • No back-and-forth communication
  • No minimums
  • All done in-house, so no need to find suppliers for bags or labels
  • Done completely online without the need to talk to anybody
  • 40+ different coffees
  • Ability to choose different bag types
  • Quick turnaround of just 3-5 business days

Pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: $30/ month

9. Joe’s Garage Coffee

Joe’s Garage Coffee is a private label coffee supplier offering coffee roasting and co-packing services for brands of any size. With more than 20 years of experience, the brand is geared towards collaborating with retailers and anyone hoping to sell their own custom “private label” coffees. 


Their private labeling service provides the latest in coffee consumption trends to include Nespresso and Keurig. Private label packaging consists of:

  • Pods for Nespresso
  • Cups for Keurig
  • Bags & portion packs

The company lets you use its beans or your own roasted beans. Its facilities are FDA Registered and Approved, USDA Organic Certified, Fair Trade Certified, and Kosher Certified.  

Although the brand has a relatively higher MOQ (minimum order quantity) and no direct dropshipping, you can use its service for contract manufacturing. This option is quite good for enterprise-level coffee stores.

Key features of Joe’s Garage Coffee:

  • Offers coffee roasting and co-packing services for brands
  • Provides the latest in coffee consumption trends
  • Lets you use its beans or your own roasted beans
  • Quite high MOQ and no direct dropshipping 

Pricing: contact them for more details

10. Orinoco Coffee & Tea

Orinoco Coffee & Tea offers organic fair trade coffee, and a pretty well-documented private label service. 


The brand requires a minimum of one pallet (112 cases/ 672 bags) of coffee, and they can mix and match various coffees on the pallet. Besides, they also provide custom labels and packaging, as well as equipment and training. The roasting capacity is over 2,000 pounds each day, which is especially helpful if you are looking to buy/ sell in very large quantities.

Key features of Orinoco Coffee & Tea:

  • Offer proprietary roasts, custom labels, foil valve bags, and various packaging options
  • Requires a minimum of one pallet (112 cases/ 672 bags) of coffee
  • Offers a roasting capacity of over 2,000 pounds each day

Pricing: contact them for more details

11. Silver Bridge Coffee

The company offers wholesale, private label coffee partnerships to restaurants, cafes, and organizations. Silver Bridge Coffee also provides branding services and espresso training.

Most interestingly, the company offers its own signature blends and facilitates custom roasting. Much of the coffee is roasted to order, so the coffee product is fresh. They also help source coffee syrups, smoothies, as well as other coffee products. 


Its minimum order requirement is quite low - 5 pounds per blend and 10 pounds total for wholesale pricing. Silver Bridge Coffee delivers locally to central and Southeastern Ohio, including Athens, Columbus, Jackson, and Waverly, plus Toledo and Dayton.

Key features of Silver Bridge Coffee:

  • Provides private labeling/ branding services
  • Offers custom roasting and blending
  • Low minimum order - 5 pounds per blend and 10 pounds total for wholesale pricing
  • Local delivery to central and Southeastern Ohio

Pricing: contact them for more details

12. Glory Cloud Coffee

This is another good choice if you’d like to get bulk wholesale pricing and/ or have your label for your brand. 


With a Q Arabica Grader, Glory Cloud Coffee boasts of offering the finest hand-craft roasted coffee, extravagant loose-leaf teas, and herbal drinks from the best ingredients available. 

You’re able to design your label with the help of Glory Cloud Coffee; they can print for you. But if you let them set up and print the stickers, there will be a small charge. To be honest, there is not much public information about its wholesale and private label program, so we recommend you call or email them for more details. 

Key features of Glory Cloud Coffee:

  • Designs your label with their help
  • Charges a small fee of printing
  • Boasts their high-quality coffee, tea, and herbal products

Pricing: contact them for more details

13. K&F Coffee

Last but not least, K&F Coffee is a wholesale supplier in Portland that offers “no fuss” private label coffee products delivered to your doorstep. 


To qualify for its private label program, you’re required to commit to ordering in minimum quantities of 120 pounds per varietal. Their private label service is fairly robust; they offer samples along with the option to create your own blend to really cater to anyone wishing to personalize their coffee brand as much as possible. 

You need to complete and submit the Private Label Inquiry Form on its official website. Then, you meet the minimum requirements for Private Labeling with K&F Coffee, and they’ll be contacting you shortly to discuss further. 

Key features of K&F Coffee:

  • “No fuss” private label wholesale buying
  • Minimum quantities of 120 pounds per varietal
  • Offers samples 
  • Lets you create your own blend
  • Requires you to complete and submit its Private Label Inquiry Form

Pricing: contact them for more details

Which method would you like to use?

That’s it for the top 12 private label coffee suppliers in 2022!

In this article, we’ve evaluated the best coffee suppliers for dropshipping and wholesale for you to choose from. While there are many supplier options, it’s necessary to figure out your costs and look for the most important features. 

So, which method would you choose? Dropshipping or wholesale? If you believe dropshipping is your final choice, Dripshipper can help you from A to Z. You sell, Dripshipper does the rest! It is very easy!


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